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How to get involved

Look cool, raise cash, and save the world… all by the hair of your chinny-chin-chin.

Here’s The Flow-How

1. Sign Up And Show Up

Follow the prompts on the website to sign your baby face up for Beard-a-Thon. Pick a team, set up your profile page, and then toss out your razor.
Use your shave cream for something other than your whiskers for a while.
Now all you have to do is sit back, be manly, and watch your scruff grow.

2. Growers, Get Your Pledges

Tell your family, friends and co-workers to support your growth and donate to the cause.

3. Share Your Hair

Use the links on your profile page to share your progress and drum up donations through email and your favorite social media platform.

4. Battle For The Beard

Don’t stop growing. Keep getting donations and beat the bewhiskered masses as the top grower. The best show of growth wins.

The Bearded Rule

Yea, beards rule. But when it comes to Beard-a-Thon, you must follow the laws of the game:

  1. All beard growers must start with a clean shave on the first day of the playoffs.
  2. Shaving while your team is in the playoffs is strictly prohibited.
  3. Beard trimming is only allowed in between rounds, never during.
  4. Growers have full reign to paint, dye and style their beard any way they wish.
  5. Growers must document their beard growth on their profile page.
  6. All beard growers must do his/her best to raise money for their team’s charity.


Disclaimer: All beards are subject to scrutiny. Don’t take it personally - it’s for a good cause!