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About Beard-A-Thon

The playoff beard traces its origins to the early 1980s. The New York Islanders grew their way to four consecutive Stanley Cup® Championships. 
The playoff beard is, and will always be, a hockey tradition.   Now you can tangle with the great tradition of the playoff beard by participating in BEARD-A-THON®. 
Since 2009, Beard-a-thon has allowed fans to participate in the great hockey tradition and by doing so, raise money for charities.  
So far, 100,000 passionate fans have joined Beard-a-Thon and raised over $3.5 million for NHL charities. 

How It Works   

Fans, players, and celebrities pledge to grow a playoff beard for the duration of their team’s playoff run.
All donations are driven through the Beard-a-thon website, allowing fans to register, share, and raise money for NHL charities.